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NAPST 2012 (Toronto, ON)
September 5 - 7, 2012


The Vancouver Police Department has produced a number of successful soccer teams since the inception of the Force in 1886. The ultimate goal of each generation of the team has been, and continues to be, the promotion of sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendship.

1938 Vancouver Police Department Soccer Team
Posing after a 3-3 draw against the Seattle All-Stars

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It was not surprising then, that in 1980 VPD Soccer hosted the very first North American Police Soccer Tournament.  This inaugural tournament was played at Brockton Oval in the heart of beautiful Stanley Park.  The five teams entered were from Calgary, and two each from Seattle and Vancouver.  The typical West Coast weather produced a veritable mud bowl at the Oval that proved very challenging for the players, however, it did not dampen spirits as camaraderie and friendship prevailed leading to, by all accounts, a very successful tournament.  The three day event wrapped up with the all important (and now considered traditional) banquet held at the Richmond Inn.

The following year the tournament was hosted by Seattle PD with King County, New Westminster, Delta, and the Burnaby RCMP added to the roster for a total of eight teams and another successful event and banquet.  The tournament built on this strong cross border foundation and continued to be hosted in many cities across North America and the island of Bermuda.  As the tournament grew, so did participation, with the inclusion of a women’s division in 1995 at the 16th annual NAPST hosted by York Regional, ON.
The NAPST is unique in that every year a different agency volunteers to host the event which requires a new group of dedicated and involved officers to make it happen.  It is quite evident that through the medium of soccer the international sense of camaraderie is alive and well amongst police agencies in North America.
In all there have been 18 cities and/or police agencies that have hosted the NAPST.  Modern day events now see competition in five categories: Men’s Open and Recreational, Women’s Open and Recreational, and the highly competitive and overly exciting Masters Division.

Previous host cities/agencies include:

2012 - Toronto, ON
2011 - Vancouver, BC
2010 - Vancouver, BC
2009 - Ottawa, ON
2008 - Seattle, WA
2007 - St. Louis, MO
2006 - Portland, OR
2005 - Abbotsford, BC
2004 - Calgary, AB
2003 - New York, NY
2002 - Los Angeles, CA
2001 - Toronto, ON

2000 - St. Louis, MO
1999 - Vancouver, BC
1998 - Bermuda, GB
1997 - Philadelphia, PA
1996 - Abbotsford, BC
1995 - York Regional, ON
1994 - Seattle, WA
1993 - New York, NY
1992 - San Francisco, CA
1991 - Unknown
1990 - Toronto, ON

Dates unknown:

Saskatoon, SK
Portland, OR
King County, WA
Edmonton, AB
Peel Regional, ON


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